29.09.2015 - 30.09.2015

Agriculture in Roman Times

Students and specialists
Sala Napoleonica, via S. Antonio 12

Academic contact: Simonetta Segenni


This cycle of conferences offers a broad picture of agriculture in Roman times, focusing in particular on the major discoveries emerging from recent studies.

The conferences, all by eminent scholars, illustrate the systems, cultivation techniques and organisation of labour in Roman agriculture with a specific focus on the production and processing of food crops such as cereals, oil and wine.

Other aspects include agrarian history, agricultural development, its economic and political implications, rural landscape and agronomy, testified by well-known Roman documents, such as those of Marcus Porcius Cato, Marcus Terentius Varo and Lucius Iunius Moderatus Columella.

The importance of agricultural life in the Roman world is also documented by the calendar of agrarian festivities. These marked the seasons of work in the fields and celebrated the start and conclusion of the food cycle.

All conferences are accompanied by projections of images illustrating the topics.


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