18.05.2015 - 24.05.2015

Fascination of Plants Day

Exhibition, laboratories, guided tours
General public, families and schools
Via Brera 28, Via Valvassori Peroni 7

Academic contact: Martin Kater
“Fascination of Plants Day” is an international event celebrated in many countries of the world on May 18th. It is coordinated by EPSO (European Plant Science Organization), an organization involving a good 226 research institutes, including the University of Milan.

For an entire week plant scientists, experts and enthusiasts from around the world will open their laboratories and gardens to the public so as to illustrate the importance of studying plants.

The University has always played an important role in organizing this event, thanks to the involvement of our Genetics professor, Martin Kater, who coordinates Italian participation.

This year, “Fascination of Plants Day”, celebrated by the University of Milan in the week of May 18th-24th, has an added fascination because it coincides with the Universal Exposition.

In line with the theme of food, safety and sustainability, the events – exhibitions, laboratories, concerts, shows, workshops and guided tours – programmed at the University’s Città Studi and Brera botanical gardens, an even wider audience will be able to appreciate the beauty of plants and their fundamental role in our everyday lives.

Further details are available on the “Fascination of Plants Day” website.