Food Poverty in Italy: “Second Welfare” Solutions

Conference, h. 9.00 am -13.00 pm
Students and specialists
Sala Laurea, via Conservatorio 7

Academic contact: Franca Maino


Positive measures against food poverty in Italy

This conference is about food poverty in Italy and about innovative measures to combat it, through daily commitment by the third sector, citizens and institutions.

Today about 6 million people in Italy suffer from hunger: an enormous number and a worsening social problem about which little is said.

A new volume currently in preparation will be presented during the event. It tells of interesting experiences aimed at combatting food poverty in Italy: food banks, social emporia, solidarity markets, buying groups, urban vegetable gardens and apps to combat food wastage.

The initiative is promoted by the Second Welfare Research Laboratory and sustained by Milan University “La Statale”. It offers an opportunity to meet the actors and protagonists who are fighting this complex battle against food poverty in Italy on a daily basis.