Healthy Production for a Healthy Food

General public
S. Paolo Hospital, 3rd floor, block C, via di Rudinì 8

Academic contact: Claudio Colosio


Seminar with international experts on the principal Italian food products, involving researchers, producers and nutrition experts active in the field of agriculture and health, to emphasise the importance of agriculture in the economy and the need today for “healthy workers producing healthy food while respecting the environment”.

Indeed, modern agriculture should not be concerned solely with producing healthy nutritious food but also about land exploitation, pollution by pesticides and risks for the health of farm and food workers.

The seminar anticipates the themes of the International Congress on Rural Health (Lodi, 9th-11th September 2015) promoted by the International Centre for Rural Health of St. Paolo Hospital (WHO collaboration centre for occupational medicine), Dept. Health Science, Milan University, and the Department of Medical-Surgical Specialities, Radiology, Public Health and Occupational Medicine, Brescia University.

The event in Lodi has the patronage of the World Health Organisation (WHO), the Italian office of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and the Municipality of Milan’s Scientific Committee for Expo 2015.