I Like Sustainable Food

General public, students and specialists
Sala Crociera, via Festa del Perdono 7

Academic contact: Laura Ammannati


Is it possible to learn to use information and become increasingly aware as consumers?

Yes! This is the topic of the seminar “I like sustainable food” which focuses on the need for effective communication without neglecting emotional impact and consumers’ irrational responses.

“The problem is that we now know everything about everything, except what happens”, says Lucy to Snoopy in a Peanuts cartoon (Linus, Sept. 1975). Consumers are given information that is difficult to understand or assimilate and does not enable them to behave in a responsible manner.

The topic is at the centre of recent European laws regulating incoherent information, the aim of which is to make consumers not only more aware but also more able to apply what they know.

The challenge is how to provide information in such a sensitive area as food, where the well-being of everyone can be greatly affected by behaviour arising from the approach used to communicate.


Free, but subject to reservation by email to: domenica.bruno@unimi.it