11.06.2015 - 15.10.2015

Inside Food

Formal debate
General public
Sala Crociera, via Festa del Perdono 7

Academic contact: Francesco Bonomi


A court, a judge, defendants and their counsel, as well as a real people’s jury to decide the goodness of food, not only from a nutritional viewpoint but also from the point of view of environmental sustainability.

Inside Food is all this: a “hearing” of our understanding of food, with teaching staff in the role of counsel and the public as the jury, called to decide on the most controversial aspects of correct nutrition, human well-being and environmental sustainability.

Four trials are before the Court: tradition versus innovation, content versus containers, ingredients versus processes and calories versus metabolism. On four different occasions, the public can ask questions directly to witnesses and to counsel for the defence.

The trials will be held in Italian and English.

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Free admission: No reservation required.