September -December

Myth and Nature – Fuorimostra

Programme of events organised by the University of Milan “La Statale”

The University of Milan, among the promoters of the exhibition “Myth and Nature – from Greece to Pompeii”, organises a rich programme of collateral events from September to December 2015, in the framework of the initiative “La Statale for Expo”.

The programme “Myth and Nature –Fuorimostra”, proposed in collaboration with the Municipality of Milan and Electa, offers visitors the possibility of detailed knowledge on exhibits of special artistic and historical value, as well as reflections and discussions on topics suggested by the exhibition itself.  Eminent specialists will talk freely with the public.  The calendar of events will be inaugurated by a conversation on the Viridarium project by Orticola di Lombardia on 22 September 2015 in the Napoleonic Hall of the University.

An interesting event on the calendar is the series “From Museum to Exhibition and from Exhibition to Museum” illustrating priceless works lent to the exhibition by Milanese institutions:  Apulian vases with magnificent mythical scenes from the Intesa Sanpaolo Collection at the Gallerie d’Italia in Piazza Scala; the delightful kyathos with black figures acquired from the marquis Poldi Pezzoli at the Poldi Pezzoli Museum; the famous blue vase in cameo glass from the Bracco Foundation at the Bracco theatre.

Four conversations on topics linked to the exhibition will be hosted in the conference hall of the Assessorato Cultura at Palazzo Reale.

Two conferences on the botanical heritage of Rome and on the great villas of the Roman Cisalpine, from which an amazing fragment of fresco is exhibited, will be hosted at the Museum of Natural History and the Archaeological Superintendence of Lombardy.  The programme is completed by two scientific conferences at La Statale.


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