21.05.2015 - 16.10.2015

Water in Lombardy: a precious resource

Conference and video projection
General public, schools and mountain enthusiasts
via Festa del Perdono 7

Academic contacts: Guglielmina Diolaiuti, Mauro Giudici


How much water is there in Lombardy? How is it used to develop the region? What is the impact of its exploitation? How does climate change happen?

Researchers from the Earth Science Department “Ardito Desio” answer these and other questions in the two interactive conferences on water resources of Lombardy, for high school students (21st May and 16th October) and one dedicated to the general public and mountain enthusiasts during the MilanoMontagna Festival (October 2015).

Lombardy is rich in water from its mountains to the plain: glaciers, snow, permafrost, mountain lakes, springs at high and hill altitude, streams, rivers, large pre-alpine lakes, canals and aquifers just waiting to be discovered in more detail.

The conference-conversation for secondary school students and their teachers presents the results of the latest research on water resources in Lombardy in a clear and simple way.

Images, films and access to databases through two computers set up on site make the latest information on our region’s “blue gold” available to the public.

The event dedicated to the general public and mountain enthusiasts is an evening conference-debate that proposes a journey from the highest peaks of Lombardy, where snow and ice constitute precious water reserves, to the Lombardy plain, where agriculture and human activities developed by virtue of the abundance of water available.

Also in this case there will be videos, images and computers providing access to databases and web platforms developed by our researchers.

The New Register of Italian Glaciers edited by our researchers and coordinated by Claudio Smiraglia in collaboration with the Association EvK2CNR and Sanpellegrino Spa will be presented during the events.

The volume, with information on the more than 900 glaciers in Italy and how they have changed in the last 50 years, will be distributed free in digital form on USB flash drives to students and teachers and all participants who reserve by email at H2OperExpo@unimi.it or guglielmina.diolaiuti@unimi.it

A hard copy of the volume will be available for perusal in the conference room.

Free but subject to seating limits.