Instant Bio-gelato

Seminar with tasting
General public
Sala Napoleonica, via S. Antonio 12

Academic contact: Luisella Verotta


Consumer- and environment-friendly research in this seminar, concluding with a tasting, on an innovative way of instantly producing gelato.

The aim is to inform the public about the high nutritional and health value that a delicious food like gelato can have if prepared with quality ingredients.

Participants will discover the new method using liquid nitrogen obtained simply by cooling air. Already exploited in enormous quantities for its refrigerating power in the frozen food industry, liquid nitrogen makes it possible to achieve extremely low temperatures very quickly.

In the preparation of gelato, the use of liquid nitrogen makes it possible to drastically reduce the quantities of fats and sugar normally necessary to “balance” recipes prepared in the traditional way.

As when used to freeze other foods, liquid nitrogen maintains the nutritional properties of the ingredients practically integral and avoids the need to use gelato bases or other preparations.

The new bio-gelato made with spices and organic fruit in season, processed on the spot and transformed into gelato in a few seconds, opens debate on the potential of combining traditional wisdom with modern food science, and introduces very interesting concepts illustrated in the volume Connecting Indian Wisdom and Western Science: Plant Usage for Nutrition and Health, edited by Luisella Verotta, Maria Pia Macchi and Padma Venkatasubramanian.


Free, but subject to reservation a week in advance, online or by email (before 30 June) to luisella.verotta@unimi.it or marco.ortenzi@unimi.it .