Land according to nature. Food security and Bio-energy

General public, students, specialists
Sala Napoleonica, via S. Antonio 12

Academic contact: Laura Ammannati


The seminar will discuss the potential conflict between the increasing numbers of renewable energy power plants and the resulting “distorted” use of arable land in Italy and other parts of the world.

The main aim is to reconcile the spread of “green” energy and fuel with the vocation of agricultural land, also in the light of the renewed interest of European agricultural policy in “food security”.

In our experience as citizens we are impressed by images of vast expanses of photovoltaic panels, small forests of wind turbines and markets full of zero-km products that testify to a focus on the land and “sustainable food production”.

However few people know that these objectives are incompatible with each other: in the world, much productive farmland is covered with renewable energy power plants or is used to grow crops for biofuel or biogas production.

Sustainable use of fertile land means respect for its food producing capacity. Fertile land should not be used for new forms of energy, however essential.

What is the solution? Technology can help create a “bioeconomy”, aided by innovative European policies: farm and forestry wastes and residues and other natural elements can be used efficiently for energy production without diminishing food production.

Free but subject to reservation by email to: domenica.bruno@unimi.it